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love_my_madness's Journal

Kefka Ignathias Palazzo
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Character’s name: Kefka Palazzo
Gender: Male
Affiliation: SOLDIER
Age: 26
Appearing Age: Twenties
Birthday: November 13
Place of birth: Esper, Palazzo Manor
Sexual Preference: Homosexual
Marital Status: Never Married, Single
Eye color: Pale Blue
Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Skin Tone: Very Pale
Height: 5'0"/ 153 cm.
Build: Petite

History/Timeline: The only son of the colonist Palazzo family, who happened to be rather well off after making their new home, Kefka was given everything that one would expect a young noble to have. He was instructed in the ways of ettiquette, rhetoric, literature, sciences, lore, and most importantly, battlefield history and strategy. He is descended from a long line of well-known military men, and it was decided from birth that he was to carry on this proud heritage. Isolated from other children, and quite the impressionable boy, he would sit with his father for hours, listening to tales of glory and triumph on the battlefield. While this was meant to spark a sense of honor in Lord Palazzo's son, all Kefka took from these stories was that war was neverending. Humanity was hellbent on destroying itself. With no friends to speak of, no outside interference, and no escape, these thoughts consumed him. Through his childhood and teenage years, he sat in near-silence, absorbing every word that was uttered to him or that his blue eyes looked upon.

He was barely sixteen when his parents realized that there was a problem. While reciting a few lines of poetry to the delight of his tender-hearted mother, he stopped mid-sentence, turned his head to the side, and proceeded to tell someone just how rude it was to interrupt him while he was talking. He and his mother were the only ones in the room. From then on, things only got worse. Kefka would wake up in the middle of the night, screaming for the servants to be quiet despite there being not a noise in the house. He would describe unruly children that roamed the halls, insubordinate servants, rude guests, all in vivid detail, even though not a single one of them had ever existed. He accused both parents of plotting against him, to the point that he would barracade his room to hide from their scheming. His only proof was that he heard their whispers in the night, which somehow carried from the opposite wing of the house. Toward the end of his days at home, he would work himself into violent fits of rage; nothing was safe. He destroyed numerous valuables, smashed furniture, ripped curtains from the walls, hurled china, and even charged at his mother, wailing and screaming all the while. One night, while he threw a tantrum over the spider carcasses that littered a perfectly clean floor, his father ordered four manservants to drag him to his room and tie him down, and while Kefka lay shrieking in absolute terror, his parents stood outside his door, making the decision that would ultimately destroy their son.

When the fits were at their peak, nineteen-year-old Kefka was shipped to the SOLDIER Academy, where the Palazzos hoped their "undisciplined" child would find his serenity. This proved to be rather ineffective. Their mistake was that Kefka was incredibly weak, both physically and mentally, and was often unable to even stay conscious under gruelling conditions. Every other week, it seemed, he was in the medical wing, suffering from sprains, fevers, and a multitude of further maladies. Kefka's mental condition seemed to wane as the months went on, to the point that he became completely unresponsive to any manner of aid. He was even thought to be comatose, save for the chilling fact that he would have monotonous conversations with people only he could see. During this time, the once-beautiful teen was reduced to little more than a skeleton, unrecognizable save for his long, blonde hair, which his mother refused to let anyone cut. In the times when he was silent, his mother would come to visit, quietly preening him while he wasted away. She and her husband had accepted that their child was dying.

Then came the prospect of Mako. Distributed in small doses, it was theorized that Kefka might have a chance at a normal physical life. His parents hastily agreed, and immediately, he was infused with tiny, twice-weekly portions of tempered Mako. It happened gradually, but after half a year of this treatment, Kefka was restored to a normal weight. After this, there was a daily recovery: a finger would lift, then two, then three, his eyes would open, they would focus, his legs would twitch, he would smile, he would laugh, then finally, he spoke again. This miracle gave him life again, and he was soon becoming the man his parents had always hoped for. He was able to keep up with that year's new recruits, even taking part in patrols and "demanding" activities that had earlier been suspended above him. He was rising in rank, a symbol of admiration and wonder as he took challenging missions and completed them with flying colors-- it was only sensible that he was considered for First Class SOLDIER.

He was twenty-four when news of his new position reached his ailing father. Lord Palazzo passed away shortly after Kefka's twenty-fifth birthday, just a few months before the process of pure Mako treatments began. Few could have predicted the outcome. Two short days after his first treatment, the SOLDIER was being fitted for a new tuxedo, and as the final measurements were made, the tailor stumbled, giving Kefka's stool a little rock. In response, he calmly snapped the other man's neck and strode out of the shop. Few actually knew what he'd done, but by the time of his next treatment, he became a repeat of his teenage self. This time, however, he was capable of doing great amounts of damage to property and those around him. The order was passed for psychiatric evaluation, and after numerous thorough examinations, he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, manic temper, misanthropy, and nymphomania. Rather than force their gifted SOLDIER out of more Mako treatments and into an extended medical leave, Kefka was prescribed numerous anti-psychotics and anti-depressants. These helped immensely to quell his spontaneous rages, but in doing so, what little personality he had was smothered. The General remained the brilliant strategist he was so well-known for, but it seemed as though the Kefka that woke from near-death had all but disintigrated..

Personality: Due to his numerous medications, he appears to be very monotonous and boring. They force a perpetual calm upon him, but as with any "cure", sometimes Kefka will relapse into a rather vibrant, outspoken young man. These instances are very rare, however. He is normally a quiet, well-mannered young man, and prefers to be in solitude to anything else.

Identifying Marks: None
Clothing Preference: When not in uniform, he dresses with style. Anything to bring out his eyes or make his figure more prominent--he likes to be the "beaux of the ball", as it were.
Profession: First Class SOLDIER, General of Ultima
Weapon of Choice: Custom-made, Mako handguns; laser-sighted

Things: Maps, Books, Wine, Silence, Feathers, Ornamental Jewellry
Food: "Rabbit Foods": Celery, Carrots, etc.; Adores strawberry-flavored anything
Drink: Red Wine, Tequila
Color: Lipstick Red, Golden Yellow, Navy Blue

Likes: Long hair, Affection, Doting, Death Cries, White Rabbits, Pretty Eyes, Colors, Ribbons
Dislikes: Large groups of people, Rodents, Cats, Tall People
Talents: Can memorize huge quantities of information at a time, "Forceful Interrogation", Public Speaking, Manipulation, Deceit
Weaknesses: Old-fashioned Firearms, Being overpowered
Pre-Existing Relationships:

-Lady Palazzo: Mother; remains very close to her, despite his muddled memories of her

-Charleston: Pet rabbit; a chubby, timid creature that is often found hiding in Kefka's flat; the rabbit is Kefka's most treasured companion

-Leo: friend turned lover turned enemy; Kefka's first sexual encounter

Special Abilities: Very flexible, almost to the point of contortionism; Able to look cute and innocent when need be; Acrobatics